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Skills, clarity and understanding are our corner stones whether it comes to architecture, recruiting new personnel or developing new software. We ended up together because we see that a tight expert community can give much more to our customers and ourselves.

In us you can find the best architects for business architecture, technical architecture, implementation and everything in between. We focus on ensuring that the solutions that are in the core of our customer’s operations function on their own as a systemic entity, fulfilling the business requirements cost-efficiently. Our starting point for any renewal is a holistic organization understanding of the business requirements leading to guidance on how they can be solved in architecture. Supporting the business while keeping people in mind is our key driver.

We believe that well understood, documented and phased business architecture will help to take business to next level. We can feel the pain that is pressing on the minds of many of the system key users. Digitalization has been in the keynote speaks for over 20 years already. New services have been built and recently even the customers have been taken into the equation. This means that lot has been done but unfortunately often forgetting how the complete entity functions, including the people involved. We believe to the fact that when current situation is understood well enough also the future is starting to become more and more clear. We know that by building and renewing in well planned phases the entire entity becomes manageable. Modularity in architecture is an old target which finally through the modern API driven approach is becoming reality. The building blocks for building a great future are in our hands.


The people

People are using most of the modern world solutions. Solutions change our ways of working or we can change the solutions to work the way we like. Everything starts from the people. The key to first understand the target and then continue towards specifying the ways of working and ultimately selecting and implementing the systems. This way we can achieve the best circumstances for solid business for today and for the future.


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Aki Hussa
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