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Easy-to-integrate, no-code platform that provides one place for all the customer-related information to the customer or partner of the company.

Solution is cost-effective for large companies but focuses to SMBs, of which the solution helps most.

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Services from architecture to implementation


Architectural analysis and vision

  • Analysing the information streams and used solutions against current or future business needs (ICT + ways of working)
  • Creating vision and recommendations for improvements (ICT and ways of working)
  • Concrete outcome: Architecture illustration both for the current state and vision and list of concrete proposals if so agreed


  • Creating technical architecture based on architectural vision
  • Selecting and/or finding possible options for technical environments and tools best suited for companys needs and availability of skills for the work
  • Finding acceptance and organizing reviews for the architectural decisions from area experts
  • Guiding the implementation basing on the selected technologies
  • Creating plans for ramp-up and possible old system ramp-downs
  • Concrete outcome: Reviewed decisions on the technologies

Project leadership

  • Running the practical daily operations within the project
  • Ensuring availability of required skills for the project
  • Resolving needs from the project team and stakeholders to ensure smooth project work
  • Following the critical paths for the project and acting on them
  • Reporting project progress to stakeholders
  • Leading through ramp-up phases and old systems ramp-down phases respectively
  • Concrete outcome: Fluently operating project

Technical due diligence

  • Doing technical and architectural evaluation of the company's infrastructure
  • Assessing the technology team’s competence and structure for future development
  • Evaluating business potential of the technology in question and possible risks
  • Concrete outcome: Documented analysis in the requested scope

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