Personal improvement

Experts are the most important value of our company. Versatile cases and co-operation with excellent colleagues are the asset which grow and grow, year after year.

On a personal level, everyone has the possibility to grow to be the best possible professional.
Together we are more skilled than we are alone as individual experts.
Job description

Architecture unicorn

Dream architect…

  • Is hard-working but lazy enough so that don’t want to repeat tasks which can be eliminated or automated
  • Is happy to share what he/she has learned but keeps things secret that aught to be kept secrets
  • Searches options from commercially available and custom solutions taking complete costs into account
  • Embraces the new technology but is able to take advantage of the old systems solutions as well
  • Bravely brainstorms and seeks for renewal but appreciates the existing practical hands-on experience
  • Is able to see large entities but does not underestimate the importance of details
  • Takes responsibility of the entity but appreciates and gives room for area specialists
  • Listens, takes into account and learns from others ideas but never forgets to give credit where it belongs to
  • Likes to find new solutions but does not hesitate to use existing solutions when they fit the purpose
  • Looks for new challenges but is patient enough to understand that making significant impact takes time
  • Recognizes that the true value is in implementation but understand also that without proper documentation life expectancy falls short
  • Is creative but systematic in his/her actions so that things proceed in orderly fashion
  • Knows technology thoroughly but is able to communicate in the understandable level with the audience
  • Can tell relevant from irrelevant but is patient enough to learn about the border area problems
  • Is familiar with the key patterns but is not locked to using them when combined application gives better results
  • Has practical implementation experience but does not let personal preferences guide decisions as solutions are not implemented for oneself but organizations instead
  • Appreciates beautiful and elegant architecture but takes practicality, like testability, into account as well
  • Knows the value of great architecture work but recognizes that it is ultimately just a function serving greater purpose

Do you recognize yourself in this list or if you would like to pursuit on some or all of them?

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